[unixODBC-support] Communication closed during authentication, Connection reset by peer, SQL state 28000

marco ardito ardito at apiform.to.it
Mon Jan 30 08:34:31 GMT 2017

Il 30/01/2017 01:05, Daniel Kasak ha scritto:
> If the Postgres driver is logging these errors, then you're attempting
> to connect to SQL Server with the wrong driver. Post details of your
> ODBC configuration.
> Dan

No, Dan :) it isn't so. Maybe I just didn't stress it enough before but:

the unixodbc back-end db is jboss teiid, a data integration middleware 
based on java which offers an **odbc interface through postgres server 
emulation**, so unixodbc is using postgresql driver connecting to teiid.

Teiid offers, as a postgresql database over odbc, what is a "virtual" 
aggregation of many different data sources, in a very flexible way, and 
also with high performances. There's a clear and informative image on 
the project home page: at http://teiid.jboss.org/

The complete flow is:
my application <=> php framework <=> php< => unixodbc <=> network (LAN) 
<=> teiid => network (LAN) <=> (several data sources)

So, unixodbc uses the postgresql driver to connect to the "postgresql 
server" emulated by teiid, which is seen as a "big" postgresql database.

But this "big" database is really virtual and can have a number of 
"real" databases (and nearly any other source of data), as Mysql and 
MSSQL servers.

I was in doubt about which "virtual" or "real" database was reporting 
the error in unixodbc. A few comments seemed to point out that the SQL 
28000 error was a MSSQL error. But even when I removed all MSSQL "real" 
servers from the "virtual" server, the error came out the same. SO, it's 
not that.

In the meanwhile there seems to be a trace on the teiid side, something 
related to some java network component, still to be confirmed, may be 
the cause. so I'm trying to get info on that side.

I'll report any meaningful progress here...


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