[unixODBC-support] Communication closed during authentication, Connection reset by peer, SQL state 28000

marco ardito ardito at apiform.to.it
Fri Jan 27 08:24:20 GMT 2017

Thanks all for replying, and infos.
 From what you all wrote, it seems that the cause of the error can only 
be a connection to a Microsoft SQL server, isn't it?

If it is so, I could restrict the field of investigation... my virtual 
database on teiid server has two different MSSQL servers behind, with a 
slightly different network path, too. I could try disabling one of them, 
temporarily. And maybe the really short lifespan of the issue (a simple 
retry then works) should point towards a transient network issue... 
instead of a dirver or configuration issue.

I was in doubt about what subsystem was reporting the error (I thought 
to ask here because it was labelled by "[unixodbc]") because, as I said 
before, on my web server unixodbc uses only postgresql driver towards 
teiid (it is the only "db" unixodbc sees, and connects to), which in 
turn has several jdbc connections towards different databases on 
different web servers (two MSSQL, one Mysql server) and also other 

If it is so, if it is really due to a connection towards a MSSQL server, 
it should be a problem better "visible" from Teiid, and its logs, since 
it's doing the real connection to those remote MSSQL servers... and 
unixodbc is only reporting the remote error transparently.

I will soon contact teiid support team about this, but any further 
consideration you could add about the above will help me to better 
understand this matter, quite new to me...

Thanks a lot.

Il 26/01/2017 02:27, Daniel Kasak ha scritto:
> I'm not a heavy user, but I've done a little testing, here and there,
> against most of the freebie versions of SQL Server, ... You could try
> turning on ODBC tracing, examining SQL Server logs, etc. Good luck :)
> Dan
> On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 4:54 AM, Edouard Gaulué<listes at e-gaulue.com>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In my case, I've observed those kind of unpredictable error after moving
>> from SQL2008 to SQL2012.
>> Any change on the SQL Server side?


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