[unixODBC-support] Communication closed during authentication, Connection reset by peer, SQL state 28000

marco ardito ardito at apiform.to.it
Tue Jan 24 17:19:33 GMT 2017

Hi, I'm new here!

I'm developing a (php) web application on a linux server which uses 
unixodbc, working very well since months, but since a few days it 
happens, very rarely, an error which is reported by the framework which, 
apart file/row backtrace info, looks like this:

odbc_pconnect(): SQL error: [unixODBC]Communication closed during 
authentication; Connection reset by peer., SQL state 28000 in SQLConnect

Then, a simple page reload (with post parameters submitted by a form) 
gets a normal result, no errors whatsoever. And maybe any other 
application page that loads data from the back-end db works fine... 
until... for some reason, it could happen again.

For you to understand better the setup, the back-end db is jboss teiid, 
a data integration middleware based on java which, apart usual jdbc, 
offer also an odbc interface through postgres server emulation, so 
unixodbc is using postgres driver connecting to teiid.

The complete flow is:
application => php framework => php => unixodbc => network (LAN) => 
teiid => network (LAN) => back-end data sources (a virtual database 
composed by several mysql, sqlserver, xls files)

I don't know what is the cause of this error, I don't know which log can 
help me to understand why it happens, in order to prevent it, and  its 
intermittent and rare behaviour, makes this issue impossible (up to now) 
to reproduce, unfortunately. I probably could force php to "try again", 
when the error happens, as it seems to work from the browser, but I 
would prefer to understand what's happening...

I have complete access to the whole platform so I can check everything 
and perform actions if needed but... I need some help...

I've also  found this page about the sql state 28000 

But still can't understand what it could be, what to check, how to 
trace/debug... any hint welcome...


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