[unixODBC-support] Unable to get isql working on AIX 7.1

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Fri Jan 22 14:36:29 GMT 2016

On 22/01/16 14:34, Sundar Mahadevan wrote:
> Hi Michael, Nick and all,
> Thanks for the response. When i check listed of installed packages, i 
> do find libiconv installed. When i checked the first time, only 
> /usr/lib/libiconv.a existed. I then ran ar -x command and it created 
> the .so files which i renamed later as shown below (Not sure if it 
> should be done or not). I have /usr/lib in PATH and LIBPATH 
> environment variables. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. Any help 
> is greatly appreciated.

Normally AIX will load the .so from the .a, but I would check that your 
driver manager is built 64 bit, if its 32 bit them it will find the lib, 
but not load the 64 bit components it contains.


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