[unixODBC-support] Multi-Threading issue with SQL Server

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Sun Jan 11 15:07:46 GMT 2015

On 11/01/15 14:17, Roger Bellegarde wrote:
> That's just what I was wondering but I cannot find any good info on 
> the Microsoft SQL Linux driver as far as what switches I can put in 
> the odbc.ini.....do you have any experience with that? Is there a 
> parallel=yes option?
> Here is what I have in the odbcinst.ini
> [SQL Server Native Client 11.0]
> Description=Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver V1.0 for Linux
> Driver=/opt/microsoft/sqlncli/lib64/libsqlncli-11.0.so.1790.0
> Threading=0
> UsageCount=1

I can't say. I dont know of any. That ini setup should certainly not add 
any serialisttion in the driver manager. It is worth noting that the TDS 
protocol that SQL Server uses is at its simplistic not parallel, only 
one active statement is allowed at once. The Easysoft driver allows MARS 
(Multiple active results sets) to be enabled in the same was a the MS 
driver on windows does. I dont know if the MS driver on linux does this 
or not.

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