[unixODBC-support] Oracle -- Informix boolean error

Michael König michael.koenig at blue-yonder.com
Tue Apr 14 13:56:25 BST 2015

Hi there!

Sorry, I've never worked with Informix before, and I have never used 
Oracle's ODBC import. From your pastebin stuff, I note the following lines:

  -7 BIT Y          1          1   0/  0    0   0  20 stat
Performing delayed open.
  SQLBindCol: column 1, cdatatype: -28, bflsz: 1
Entered hgopoer at 2015/04/14-12:22:03
hgopoer, line 233: got native error -11013 and sqlstate 07006; message 
[Informix][Informix ODBC Driver]Restricted data type attribute 
violation. {07006,NativeErr = -11013}

-7 is the type code for bit fields in the database (SQL_BIT). Oracle 
tries to bin this field to the C data type with identifier -28 
(cdatatype). In unixodbc's sqlext.h file, this identifier matches 
SQL_C_UTINYINT (unsigned tiny integer). So Oracle tries to bind a 
boolean field to a buffer of unsigned tiny integers. This requires data 
conversion. If this conversion is not supported, errors like the one you 
encountered might happen. You could check Informix's ODBC documentation 
to get some insight in what conversions are supported.

iusql probably uses a more suitable (read: supported) C data type, for 
example SQL_C_BIT. This would explain that you don't see an error there.

Concerning a potential workaround: Some databases (such as PostgreSQL 
offer flags which handle how SQL_BIT fields are presented to ODBC 
applications. If Informix had such a flag, you could use it to get 
boolean fields as strings by manipulating your odbc.ini file. Oracle 
would bind the field differently, then, thus avoiding the problem you 
see. Just a shot in the dark, though.

Hope this helps!



> Please find my configuration details and traces here:
> http://pastebin.com/3Gkn5yeB

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