[unixODBC-support] Problem connecting to a MSSql server in domain

Matt Phipps matt.the.mech at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 20:12:42 BST 2014

On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Lorenzo Milesi <maxxer at ufficyo.com> wrote:

> Just a note, and I'll keep on testing by myself: after changing odbc or
>> odbcinst, should I issue any "odbcinst" command or should they just work?
> Ok, I figured out I need to execute
> odbcinst -i -s -f /etc/odbc.ini
> after every change to odbc.ini. My mistake. Now I CAN connect to the MSSql
> server! Thanks!

Wait, *that* did it? Huh...that shouldn't be necessary; we've been able to
update our own /etc/odbc.ini without running odbcinst again. I'd guess
there was some hard-to-see formatting problem in /etc/odbcinst.ini like
Mike said, and running odbcinst again fixed it.

> thanks for the help, and forgive my newbie mistake!

No problem! I'd call that heroic debugging though, not a mistake, since I
never would have thought running odbcinst would help. I like that
one-liner, too: using /etc/odbc.ini as its own template is a pretty clever
way to make sure the config is tidied up.

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