[unixODBC-support] Development Environment Setup issue

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Sat Sep 15 15:57:52 BST 2012

On 15/09/12 14:55, Wajid Baig wrote:
> Nick,
> Thank you very much.
>  For a shared object to be UnixODBC driver what are the methods should 
> it expose?
> Can you please guide me to an URI etc.,?

Read the teh API docs on the Microsoft pages, its all documented there.
> I cannot GPL or LGPL my driver, In this case without using unixODBC 
> log how can I implement SQL Trace because as you know it is part of 
> unixODBC?
The driver manager will allow you to do tracing of the ODBC calls, just 
write your own code to do your own driver logging, to your own driver 
log file.
> Sum of my problem is understanding of how driver is used by unixODBC 
> driver manager and how driver uses the services of driver manager?

There are a of docs out there and some drivers you can look at the code. 
But simply put, create a shared library that exports the SQL functions 
with the prototypes as given in the driver manager headers. Then fill in 
the functionality of those function. The you will have a ODBC driver. 
You can either do all the functions, or the ones that your apps need. It 
depends on if you want to make a driver that can be used with any app, 
or just one for your own use.
> I am sorry but I am newbee to this. Please help.

Good luck. Its not a simple task writing an ODBC driver, but it can be 
done, and the API is fully documented, you just need to understand how 
to read the docs. I would suggest if you don't all ready understand 
ODBC, write some test code that calls existing drivers, so you 
understand it from the application point of view before trying to create 
a new driver.

Like most software, I would expect to write it at least three times if 
its your first driver.


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