[unixODBC-support] Development Environment Setup issue

Wajid Baig wabmca at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 13:18:15 BST 2012

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply.

To build driver I am using template given in template directory of wham
In that files like SQLConnect.c has log statements.
Exactly to implement connection with my database and do operation I have
written my own class.
I have created instance of my class in SQLConnect.c called low level
methods to do database operations.

So to build my driver I need log.h and ini.h etc., but these files are
missing when I installed in say --prefix=/usr/local/unixODBC/include.

I am now wondering what can I do regarding this.
Will it be legal to use log.h and ini.h of unix ODBC or should I write my


On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Nick Gorham <nick at lurcher.org> wrote:

> On 14/09/12 00:20, Wajid Baig wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I am developing a driver using unixODBC. I have following issues. I am
>> blocked please help me.
>>  1) I have configured and installed 2.2.14 version using
>> prefix=/usr/local/unixODBC.
> Maybe better using a version more recent than 2008
>  Q) Why are /usr/local/unixODBC folder ini.h and log.h files are missing?
> Because they are internal to the build, and not intended for external use.
>  Q) Without these files how can I build my driver?
> Include
> #include <sql.h>
> #include <sqlext.h>
> #include <sqltypes.h>
> #include <sqlucode.h>
> #include <odbcinst.h>
> in exactly the same way as you would on Windows.
>  Q) My requirement is to use shared object liniking not the static. Is
>> there a way to link other than dlopen to using shared object in my driver,
>> without these missing header files?
> No, not sure why you would want to do that, just build your driver and
> link to libodbcinst.so and it all works as it should.
> --
> Nick
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