[unixODBC-support] Using Unix ODBC to 32 bits

sheel nidhi nidhisheel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 18:52:59 BST 2012

thank you sir helping me but i have also have some trouble knocking at my
Now i have installed easysoft odbc driver and i have also dont know what to
do just i am spending a lot of time on this
 i have odbc.ini  but blank and i dont know what i have to write there i
aborted create data source at the time of installation.
and i checked my easysoft status this is_____
    The enviroment variable ORACLE_HOME must be set to the location of
    your oracle client software installation unless you are using 10g
    instant client.
3 : INFO    : File tnsnames.ora NOT on path ./network/admin:/etc.
4 : INFO    : File .tnsnames.ora NOT on path /home/debian.
5 : INFO    : Could not find tnsnames.ora file
    this is not required if Instant Client is in use
6 : ERROR   : Could NOT find Database in odbc.ini file for DSN.
    Check passed correct DSN as argument to this program. Reinstall your
7 : ERROR   : Cannot continue tests - aborting.
    Fix problems listed above and try again.
It will be more helpfull if you give me with command line instruction with
proper path i know that all thing messed up bcz path is not proper so i
have to build library path correctly.
plz provide me how i cnage the path for tnsnames.ora...and how i start
easysoft with graphical feature.....

Thank you in advance........................................call
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