[unixODBC-support] Critical issues Please Help

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Wed Oct 17 00:26:56 BST 2012

On 16/10/12 23:42, Wajid Baig wrote:
> Hi,
> The issue I am facing is
> My defination of SQLColDescribe or SQLColAttribute is not called because
> *Reason I think is*
> *As you can see in below gdb output (See Bold text side heading "gdb 
> output"), func at 6 and is not defined. In sql.h 6 and 8 are 
> SQLCOLATTRIBUTE and SQLDESCIBECOL respectively(see Bold text with side 
> heading "sql.h") .*
> **
> *SQLDESCIBECOL is defined at 19 (See Bold text side heading "gdb 
> output"). But it is not called*
> *when I gdb and gave breakpoint.*
> **
> *Driver which I compiled listed these functions as defined (See Bold 
> text side heading "nm output")*

Check what you are returning from SQLGetFunctions()

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