[unixODBC-support] Problem between unixodbc and PHP5 (Nick Gorham)

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Wed Mar 28 08:16:52 BST 2012

On 28/03/2012 08:21, Jean-Joseph YVON wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for your help Nick
> My log works well when i use isql, i have the log of connection from isql.
> I have test conection with isql with all my user and its work well too
> The PHP script give me nothing  he print the echo statement but nothing more (i am not very good in PHP) and i haven't the connection in the log.
> On 27/03/2012 17:07, Jean-Joseph YVON wrote:

Try running php from the command line and see if it works any 
differently. If so, its likely to be permissions as the web server.


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