[unixODBC-support] isql: unable to create temp tables

Gorman, Greg Greg.Gorman at mercer.com
Wed Jan 11 16:51:51 GMT 2012

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but isql just dumps me out, when I try to use the -e switch, as below:

/home/ggorman> isql -e DB34 ggorman mypwd

* unixODBC - isql                            *
* Syntax                                     *
*                                            *
*      isql DSN [UID [PWD]] [options]        *
*                                            *
* Options                                    *
*                                            *
* -b         batch.(no prompting etc)        *
* -dx        delimit columns with x          *
* -x0xXX     delimit columns with XX, where  *
*            x is in hex, ie 0x09 is tab     *
* -w         wrap results in an HTML table   *
* -c         column names on first row.      *
*            (only used when -d)             *
* -mn        limit column display width to n *
* -v         verbose.                        *
* -lx        set locale to x                 *
* -q         wrap char fields in dquotes     *
* -3         Use ODBC 3 calls                *
* -n         Use new line processing         *
* -e         Use SQLExecDirect not Prepare   *
* --version  version                         *
*                                            *
* Commands                                   *
*                                            *
* help - list tables                         *
* help table - list columns in table         *
* help help - list all help options          *
*                                            *
* Examples                                   *
*                                            *
*      isql WebDB MyID MyPWD -w < My.sql     *
*                                            *
*      Each line in My.sql must contain      *
*      exactly 1 SQL command except for the  *
*      last line which must be blank (unless *
*      -n option specified).                 *
*                                            *
* Please visit;                              *
*                                            *
*      http://www.unixodbc.org               *
*      pharvey at codebydesign.com              *
*      nick at easysoft.com                     *


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On 11/01/12 16:26, Gorman, Greg wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am using isql version 2.3.0, under Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3 (Tikanga), to connect to a MS SQL Server db.
> I can successfully connect to the database using my username and password.
> I can successfully run select statements just fine.
> I *cannot create a temp table*, though, even though my user id has permission to do so.
> For comparison, I *can*, using the same credentials, create a temp table using each of the following:
>          the sqlcmd utility,
>          the tsql utility, and
>          the SQL Server Management Studio (from Windows).
> Any guidance or help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Its probbaly because isql uses SQLPrepare and SQLExecute, there are effects of this with SQL Server. Try

isql -e dsn user pass

To use SQLExecDirect instead and see if that makes any difference,

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