[unixODBC-support] db2 null values

LocoJay Dev locojaydev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 18:02:28 GMT 2012

i just did brew install unixodbc.

for db2 i installed db2 which comes with a command line client and libs which i passed to DRIVER in odbcinst.ini 

here is may odbcinst.ini
Trace       = Yes
TraceFile   = /tmp/sql.log
ForceTrace  = Yes

Description = IBM DB2 Adapter
Driver      = /Users/locojay/sqllib/lib/libdb2.dylib
FileUsage   = 1
DontDlClose = 1

lib is a symlink to lib64 . using lib32 fails.

odbc.ini is like this

Description = some description
Driver         = DB2
Database    = dbname
Protocol    = TCPIP
Hostname = xx.xx.xx.xx
ServiceName = 57000

i also noted that dbname musst match the one from the db2 client

dbname must be part of db2 list db directory

and the the ip from the dbname odbc.ini is not uses but the one from "db2 list node directory"

here is the different output between isql and db2 client

isql: http://cl.ly/1C142T2v0X1v303N2o3b
db2: http://cl.ly/0j3L0v2S1i2416473F1q

On Feb 23, 2012, at 12:45 PM, Nick Gorham wrote:

> On 23/02/12 16:35, Loco Jay wrote:
>> build is 64 bit and libdb2 as well.
>> how can i check the sizeof(SQLLEN)
> Did you build your own app and driver manager?
> -- 
> Nick
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