[unixODBC-support] unicODBC 2.03 Redhat Linux 64 bit machine

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Fri Sep 9 12:06:18 BST 2011

On 09/09/11 11:48, Nithesh Shetty wrote:
> The size of len_ind variable is 8 byte
> and here is the call stack of the core file generated
> bcoSetupPtrs () from  /usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib/libsqora.so.11.1

Maybe put together a simple complete code example that shows the problem 
and someone may spot the problem. But it will either be a bug in your 
code or a bug in the driver, neither of which unixODBC has any control over.

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