[unixODBC-support] Can I have 2 driver manager running at the same time?

Eugenia Moreno eugemz at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 01:28:04 BST 2011

Thanks Nick for the promptly report, as always. 

My question is not about Perl, my question is what is the library search env variable that I need to set so the application uses the right Driver Manager. I tried LD_Library_path, but didn't work. But it may be that I didn't set it properly. Is that the env variable or is and other ?

Thanks again. 

Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 23:26:59 +0100
From: nick at lurcher.org
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Subject: Re: [unixODBC-support] Can I have 2 driver manager running at the same time?


    On 30/05/2011 23:22, Eugenia Moreno wrote:
      Hi Nick, 


      Thanks for all your help. 


      I was able to install both Driver Manger, one compiled with SQLLEN
      and the other default. Just to be sure that they are connecting to
      the right driver manager, I
      have separated odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini, that will not be a


      The DSNs are working fine, if I use the isql of each installation
      (going to folder bin directory), it connects OK.


      However, I still do not know how to tell the application to use
      any of the driver manager. I just need this to work, I though perl
      because I know it better, but it could be Python or other
      language. You mention to set the the search path library, do you
      mean the to LD_Library_path? I try that but it didn't work. I am
      new in Linux, so I am lost too.. 


      Thanks in advance.. Eugenia


    Whatever app you use, it will be built to either use 32 or 64 bit
    SQLLEN. It may be possible to have two builds of DBD::ODBC with
    perl, but its beyond my scope, you would be better asking the perl





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