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Jim Rice jmrice6640 at yahoo.com
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Off the top of my head, check firewall rules on the database side to allow the client connection (IP, port).

Also make sure that the database allows database access for that user from the client machine.  If the permissions change, flush privileges, too.

I have forgotten each of these steps, in that sequence.  ;-)

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     I hope this is the right place/way to ask technical questions
     about the Linux unixODBC software.
     If not I do apologize. 

     I’m having trouble connecting to my remote Informix server with unixodbc. 
     The client machine is Redhat (Centos) v5. The remote server is running AIX/Informix 10.00. 

     I’m running unixODBC v2.3 & Informix drivers CSDK 3.70 on the client machine. 

     The error message is below: 
      isql -v ace_ibm informix iworld 
      [08004][unixODBC][Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Attempt to connect to database server (aceibm_net) failed. 
      [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect 

     The abbreviated odbc.ini settings: 
      [ODBC Data Sources] 
     ace_ibm = IBM_INFORMIX_ODBC_DRIVER_2 

     Driver = Infdrv 
     Description = IBM_INFORMIX_ODBC_DRIVER 
     HostName = aceibm 
     TcpPort = 1525 
     Service = sqlexec 
     Database = production 
     LogonId = <ider name> 
     Password = <pass word> 
     Servername = aceibm_net 

    The abbreviated odbcinst.ini settings:
    [ODBC Data Sources] 

     Driver = /informixclientsdk/lib/cli/iclis09b.so 
     Description = IBM_INFORMIX_ODBC_DRIVER 
     CursorBehavior = 0 
     UsageCount = 35 

  NOTE: I can connect to my local informix instance and a remote Mysql instance. 

  Thanks in advance,



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