[unixODBC-support] odbcinst failing

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Thu Jul 28 13:43:48 BST 2011

On 28/07/11 13:36, Davies Matt J A (LCSS) wrote:
> Hi Nick
> This is a super clean install
> Here's where I am so far, I'll share :-)  You got any advice?  I'm tempted
> to try the 2.2.11 version.
> I can't write the article if I can't use the software :-(

Ok, so lets go back to the problem.

So you start with clean install, install 2.3.0 from source, and you get 
the missing symbol. Yes?

What does

ldd /usr/local/bin/odbcinst


Its not impossible that there is a bug, not many folk use odbcinst. If 
ldd shows its using the expected libodbcinst.so then can you try the 
2.3.1pre on the ftp site and see if the problem is still there. If it is 
I will try and find what the cause is.


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