[unixODBC-support] Connection woes

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Thu Jul 14 09:56:54 BST 2011

On 14/07/11 03:34, sahayam packiaraj wrote:
> Hi All:
> Thanks for your response.
> After having gcc it looks we have installed but not sure.
> Our primary purpose was to connect with mysql hence we downloaded odbc 
> connector for it too.
> But to register the driver most of them are stating .so file for setup 
> and driver but i am not able to find .so file at all in unix odbc 
> 2.3.0  lib or mysqlconnector odbc 5.1.8 lib
> Can some one could give clue that to what will be the equivalent file 
> name for .so in uinxodbc 2.3.0 version?
> Driver= libmyodbc3.so
> Setup=libodbcmyS.so

Go back to the begining.

What happens when you run configure.

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