[unixODBC-support] AUTO: Frank out-of-office - July 8-20 and then from July 23-26 (returning 07/21/2011)

Frank Pani fpani0 at ca.ibm.com
Fri Jul 8 21:04:04 BST 2011

I am out of the office until 07/21/2011.

I will be out-of-office (vacation + education) from July 8-20 and then from
July 23-26.

During my absence please use the following focals of communication for any
related account work issues:
  NBFG SAN issues - Brian Zeng   (including MOR)
  NBFG TSM Legacy/Phoenix issues - Philippe Arnaud
  NBFG TSM BAU issues - Marie-Eve Lamothe
  Sunlife SAN - Steve McFadden
  Equifax - Lilian Feng or Stephen McElligott
  Ville De Montreal - Mohamed Rouis

General management escalations, support and contacts for time-frames listed
are as follows:
   July 8 - 15 - Torin Marsden
   July 16 - 20 - Robert Fraser
   July 21 - 26 - Sandy Lau

All storage global service issues (RCAs, Cust-Sat, education, MCU,
initiatives) or GDF concerns:
   Robert Fraser

Any new workload requests, engagements or questions should always be sent
to the following.
   SAN Dispatcher - gdftsan at ca.ibm.com
   BUR Dispatcher - gdftbkup at ca.ibm.com (TSM/Netbackup/BrightStor)

I will have periodic and limited cell phone connectivity.   I will be
checking emails when I can and you may phone 416-628-0300 to leave a voice
mail and I will try to follow-up as needed.

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