[unixODBC-support] Force 32 bit install on 64 bit Linux

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Mon Jan 24 22:45:57 GMT 2011

On 24/01/2011 22:44, Roger Heim wrote:
> I'm already including "-disable-gui" in the config line.
> Not more than 15 minutes after I sent this out -- one of the "sys 
> admin types" suggested that I should have used "CFLAGS=-m32" instead 
> of just "CFLAGS=m32".
> I tried it with that -- and it worked correctly!
> I think we're good to go now.
> As to the version -- the co-worker who did the initial development 
> spent almost 2 months going back and forth trying different things and 
> finally learned that the newer version that was on our Linux boxes was 
> causing the problem. When she moved back to 2.2.12 it worked fine.
> The application we're trying to enable hasn't been updated in several 
> years -- so that's probably why it has problems with the newer version.
> Roger Heim
> Technical Advisor
> FedEx Corporate Services
Ok, cool, whatever works for you.

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