[unixODBC-support] Force 32 bit install on 64 bit Linux

Roger Heim reheim at fedex.com
Thu Jan 20 05:58:52 GMT 2011

I've just subscribed and haven't seen any other postings yet, so I
apologize if this is not written in the "typical style" used here - or
not the right amount of detail...


Short Version:

I'm getting a "127" error when I try to start the application that uses
the unixODBC Driver Manager after installing it on a 64 bit box. Is
there a way to install the 32 bit version?


Long Version:

We're using unixODBC version 2.2.12 with a 32 bit application
(Application Integrator [AI] from GXS) that we've been running on 32 bit
Linux boxes.

We're now in the process of migrating to new environments, and as part
of that, we're now using 64 bit Linux boxes.

AI contains several components that have to be installed individually
and, in addition to the "core product", there are additional components
(called "Plug-Ins") that can be purchased separately and installed to
add additional functionality to the application.

When I install the "core product" the "control server" starts up and
works fine.

After I install the unixODBC Driver Manager, and then the ODBC Plug-In
and restart the AI control server - I get a "127" system error.

A former co-worker (who, unfortunately for our group - but I'm happy for
her as a friend) is no longer with our group, spent almost two months
close to a year ago figuring out how to make this thing work in our 32
bit environments.


Based on what I've been able to dig up about "127" errors - I gather
something isn't configured correctly. While there are some directory
changes required for these new boxes, I believe I've "adjusted" the
installation process correctly to accommodate those differences. That
said, the only other differences is that we're on a 64 bit box. I ran
the "configure" process on both a 32 bit and 64 bit box - with its
output piped to a file each time. I've noticed that it's different on
the 64 bit box - and that the differences start shortly after it does a
check to see if it's being run in a 64 bit environment and determines
that it is.


All that being said, I believe what I need is some help in how to
"tweak" the configure routine to force a 32 bit installation - rather
than the 64 bit one that it appears to be doing. The configure routine
I'm doing now is passing a "-prefix" parameter with the path we want it
installed in, and "-disable-gui". Is there something I can add to the
configure command - or something I should edit - to make it do a 32 bit
installation? OR - does someone out there have an idea of what else
might be causing the "127" error rather than that installation process?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Roger Heim
Technical Advisor
FedEx Corporate Services


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