[unixODBC-support] Adding a static library to Drivers/template?

Eric Robinson (erirobin) erirobin at cisco.com
Fri Feb 18 22:25:45 GMT 2011

Not an Issue but I just wanted to say Nick has to be one of the most
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On 18/02/2011 21:03, Eric Davies wrote: 

I'm trying to implement a new ODBC driver by using the Drivers/template
example files. My new code will rely on a library I wrote for another
project. How do I get it linked into the new driver's shared library? 

It appears that the Makefile and Makefile.in is reconstructed from the
Makefile.am file, precluding just modifying the Makefile. The
libtemplate.la appears to be built from the config.status file. I'm an
experienced C programmer but my Makefiles tend to be rather


I would start from scratch with the makefile. The one in unixOdbc is
tied up with autoconf tools. Even if you intend to use autoconf with
your driver it will need to start from scratch.

I wold start with the template .c and .h files and build a makefile from
than, then add your libs with a normal -lyourlib entry.


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