[unixODBC-support] Multi-thread testing

Brian Reynolds Brian.Reynolds at risaris.com
Tue Aug 23 15:58:24 BST 2011

> Well, for what its worth (and not much) I just ran that using our 
> (Easysoft) SQL Server driver on Ubuntu, and it runs through fine. I 
> would check that the configure of unixODBC found the thread libs, so 
> built with mutex protection about its structures.
Yes, checked that - and everything looks fine. I moved away from 
MyODBC+MySQL to see could I reproduce with another driver. I've had 
significantly more success with Postgres and Psql-odbc (versions 9.0.3 
and 08.03.0200 respectively). I had to tweak my code slightly to set the 
stack size of the pthread ( "pthread_attr_setstacksize(&thread_attr, 
PTHREAD_STACK_MIN * 2 );" ), and then I was able to get my test program 
working with 1024 concurrent threads. Next step is to move this to 
64-bit and ensure everything is OK there too.

So it's definitely something iffy with the MyODBC and or the MySQL 
client libraries. Unfortunately I don't have any time to check into it 
right now.



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