[unixODBC-support] RE : How to connect from ACT! to remote MySQL?

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ODBC is a database api that is used by the Application+ODBC Driver Manager
to connect to a database. The api is a plain C interface, not DCOM or Corba
or other remote connection type of API. So if you want to connect through
ODBC to a database from a windows application, you'll need a windows ODBC
driver for your database. In your case that will be the MySQL Connector/ODBC
for Windows. And you'll need to use the ODBC Database Administrator to
define a datasource to connect to. There you will specify your remote MySQL
database. That is on the MySQL link protocol level, not the ODBC datasource
you created on the server. Don't forget to check your MySQL server
configuration for remote access: mysql.ini and user permissions. 

So, no worry, nothing wrong with unixODBC ;) 


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Objet : [unixODBC-support] How to connect from ACT! to remote MySQL?

Greetings, new to the list.
This may sound like a dumb question (and probably is)...

I am trying to connect from a Windows 2008 Server running ACT! to a remote 
CentOS server MySQL db.
I have installed mysql-connector-odbc and unixODBC,
and tested with isql successfully.  So, I think I am close...

However, when I run from ACT!, I am receiving an exception:

ERROR [IM002][Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and

no default driver specified

Which to me looks like it is trying to use a local driver on the Windows 
server side, rather than connecting remotely.

Here's the dumb question: Do I need to install a driver on the Windows 
server first before it can connect remotely?

I can provide any of the details, but am I missing something fundamental 



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