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The 'S' is to denote that its a driver config shared library, not an 
odbc driver.
 From the README in the DRVConfig directory:
These are the setup libs for the various drivers. There are two
generic ones;
drvcfg1 - SQL servers (host, port etc)
drvcfg2 - file based (database dir)
These are typically installed into the same directory as the
drivers (often /usr/local/lib) and are denoted by a simple
naming convention (*S.so).
Thank you for pointing out the DRVConfig directory. I had missed it.

At 01:09 PM 4/4/2011, Nahuel . wrote:
>I'm using unixODBC version 2.1.11 on Ubuntu server 10.10 32bits.
>I've configured and installed it using these cmd lines...
># ./configure --enable-drivers  --enable-fdb --enable-gui=no
># make
># make install
>Everything ends without errors, but when I look the installed 
>libraries, I notice that 'libodbctxt.so' ain't created... Btw, 
>'libodbctxtS.so' is compiled!
># locate libodbct
>Can anyone help me with this?? I know this is some old-school crap, 
>but I don't make the rules....
>Thanks to all...
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