[unixODBC-support] Huge problems connecting to a DB2 database.

Nicklas Börjesson Nicklas.Borjesson at ws.se
Mon Sep 20 12:37:26 BST 2010

>I think if I remember its because the user has the correct environment 
>settings. Anyway, I can't argue about what the db2 client setup decides 
>to do, if you have a view on that maybe a db2 forum would be the place. 
>I think you will find that once you get it so the db2 app works you will 
>have a working odbc driver.



I made it work!

Ok, I have figured out the following:
1. The dsn name in odbc.ini must match the local alias of the catalogued database, because there is no other way to specify which one to go to.
2. The only thing that should be in the DSN should be description and driver name, everything else is specified through the cataloguing process. Only DSN, Username(UID) and password(PWD) in the connection string.
3. DSN-less connections to DB2 are impossible because of the senseless need for the cataloguing process. No other database of the ones supported in my project(MySQL, PostGres, SQL server, Oracle) has this extremely cumbersome client configuration process.

Thanks Nick for all your help!


So, I any from IBM reads this: 
Please get you act together. 

This was one of the most frustrating experience my entire career in database related development.
If there really is no easier way to connect to DB2 servers(which I hope)?
Are people supposed to deploy stuff like this at clients' offices? Describing inane processes like this to the IT-people that certifies the installations?

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