[unixODBC-support] Huge problems connecting to a DB2 database.

Nicklas Börjesson Nicklas.Borjesson at ws.se
Sun Sep 19 11:12:55 BST 2010

The SQL10007N error message also seems related to the DB2INSTANCE variable, so I can't make db2 work either.
I don't have any idea of where to go from here.
Also, most examples on how to solve the issue refers to connecting to local instances, not remote ones like I am, complicating further.


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>Well, when I was trying the db2 driver years ago, if the db2 app didnt 
>work the odbc driver wouldn't. It involved cataloging the database you 
>were connecting through and referring as the instance.


Ok, I will try that some more then, I keep getting the '.SQL10007N Message "-1390" could not be retrieved.  Reason code: "3".'-message, though.
On the other hand, solving that might lead me to some kind of solution, as most posts I read says that setting the DB2INSTANCE env-variable should solve it.
However, I have now supplied that setting in all ways known to Torvalds and don't get anywhere.


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