[unixODBC-support] trouble with mysql driver on mono

Martin Evans martin.evans at easysoft.com
Wed May 12 14:20:13 BST 2010

Nick Gorham wrote:
> James Smith wrote:
>> Whether this has anything to do with the fact that the test program
>> doesn’t appear to open the ‘odbcinst.ini’ file at any point I don’t know.
> With respect, I don't think you are looking hard enough at the logs you
> sent. In both cases the socket opens, and is written, but a clue can be
> seen in what comes back.
> "[pid 9291] 10:28:30.953245 read(3, "E\0\0\2\377\25\4#28000Access denied
> for u"..., 16384) = 73"
> Looks to me like the MySQL driver isn't sending the correct user and or
> password down. I would check the server logs to see what its sending,
> but that looks to me like the problem you are having.

I think that message can be something like "Access denied for user X at" so it could simply be that your username/password are
correct but you have not set the access permission in your mysql
database to allow connections your ubuntu box IP address.

> You can also increase the size of the buffer that strace displays to see
> more of that message.
> "-s strsize Specify the maximum string size to print (the default is
> 32). Note that filenames are not considered strings and are always
> printed in full."

Martin J. Evans
Easysoft Limited

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