[unixODBC-support] trouble with mysql driver on mono

James Smith james.smith at aleph-one.com
Sun May 9 13:43:27 BST 2010

Hi all,

apolgoies for the flurry of emails on this issue.

Running mono 2.4 on a Windows box allows me to connect to both a system DSN
and to the MySQL driver directly, the latter with the standard connection

I don't know whether this means that it's a "Linux problem", rather than a
"Mono problem" but I thought it worth reporting. To summarise:

* I can use the MySQL driver via a DSN on Linux, tested via isql.
* But I can't use the same DSN from an ASP.NET application running on Mono.
* I can, however, run the same ASP.NET application on a Windows box, again
using Mono, and use a DSN just fine (and connect via a standard ODBC
connection string as well).

I'm still mystified as to why this all worked on the previous VPS with empty
odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini files. Although this might be a red herring, it
might also be a clue as to why things aren't working now.

Any thoughts and insights would be, as usual, greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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