[unixODBC-support] unixODBC configuration for Informix DB connection

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Thu Jan 28 01:26:57 GMT 2010

You description really puzzled me !Did you install the unixodbc by
source code ,if true ,you'd got isql as a test tool which is compiled
from its source code.And we always use isql to test if the
configuration work well or not .If it's ok you can connect and do some
query ,if  not you've got error.And you can add -v to isql to show the
detail of the error.
Hopes useful for you!

All you best
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On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 8:25 AM,
<Marshall_Hahn-Taylor at canb.uscourts.gov> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've gotten a connection working between one host and a database server
> using
> a tool from the IBM clientsdk for Informix called `isql'.  Brace yourselves
> for
> a newbie question... b/c this connection is working, I'm assuming unixODBC
> (v. 2.2.14)
> is working on my system, no?  I made myriad tweaks to my odbc.ini and
> sqlhosts file
> and I still feel like I don't really understand them.  They currently look
> like:
> /etc/sqlhosts:
>  maindb                  onsoctcp        maindb          port_alias
>  main_shm                onsoctcp        maindb          port_alias
>  demo_se seipcpip        se_hostname     sqlexec
> Where port_alias is 7101 in /etc/services.
> /etc/odbc.ini:
>  [lots of seemingly unrelated stuff above this]
>  [ODBC]
>  IANAAppCodePage=4
>  InstallDir=/usr/local/bobje/bobje/enterprise115/linux_x86/odbc
>  Trace=1
>  TraceFile=odbctrace.out
> TraceDll=/usr/local/bobje/bobje/enterprise115/linux_x86/odbc/lib/odbctrac.so
>  [Informix]
> #Driver=/usr/local/bobje/bobje/enterprise115/linux_x86/odbc/lib/CRifcl23.so
>  #Driver=/usr/lib/libodbc.so.1
>  Driver=/opt/informix/lib/cli/iclit09b.so
>  Description=HP G6 running Informix Database
>  IpAddress=
>  HostName=
>  #Server=maindb
>  Server=main_shm
>  TcpPort=7101
>  Service=7101
>  #Database=main_live at main_ecf
>  Database=main_live
>  LogonId=crystal
>  Password=password
> isql appears to work well, but I'd really like to get SAP's Crystal
> Reports on Business Objects working with unixODBC.  Currently Xtal
> Reports reports that are run using known good queries for known good
> DSN's fail complaining that they `failed to load database information'.
> Yes, I know this isn't an SAP forum.  I'm hoping that if I figure out
> exactly what needs to be in my odbc.ini and sqlhosts, that Xtal Rpts
> will start working.  I feel like odbc.ini is currently a confused mass
> of configuration directives.  Maybe if I describe what I'm trying to
> do, then someone could tell me what needs to be under the [Informix]
> section.  I'd like to connect to an Informix database on host `maindb'.
> It's listening on port 7101 for db connections.  The database is called
> main_live at main_ecf according to output from Informix's dbaccess utility.
> Part of what is really confusing to me is that in Informix-ese, the db
> server is `main_shm', not `maindb' (it's hostname), and a database can't
> have a simple name like `mydb', it's got to be mydb at main_foo.
> Suggestion as to how I should tailor odbc.ini and test unixODBC from the
> command line would be much appreciated!
> Thanks in advance,
> Marshall
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