[unixODBC-support] Testing stored procedures using the driver manager tools

Jones, Tyrone TJones at l1id.com
Mon Dec 13 14:57:24 GMT 2010

Couple things to ask:

1.       Is there a way to test stored procedure calls within the provided isql utility using the "Call storedPRoc(?.?)" syntax? And usinghaving output parameters?

Can't seem to get this to work. We have  some stored procedure calls working from our app, but others don't

2.       Is there a link/doc that has all the driver parameter settings and their meanings? (odb.ini and odbcinst.ini files) Please forgive me if I missed to somehow.


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On 19/11/2010 21:25, Jones, Tyrone wrote:
Quick question with regards to connections. (I'm using Oracle 11g on Solaris 10)

All connections either from isql or my app connect fine, but  abruptly, and immediately disconnect from the database.
Other connections methods to the DB work fine.

Is there some setting that I'm missing that could be causing this?
Tracing is on, no clues (to me) what happens. The entries in sql.log just stop without any errors. (or disconnect entry)

Any clues appreciated



I can't think of anything the driver manager or isql would do to cause this, I would expect its a driver issue.

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