[unixODBC-support] UnixODBC -> FreeTDS -> MSSQL login failure ...

Donovan Allen allend at puresimple.org
Mon Apr 19 22:36:59 BST 2010

Thanks for the suggestion, but I long ago tried that.  I provided the osql dump because it is more explanatory about how I am correctly loading config files etc ... to prempt responses to that effect.

Fundamentally, it is spitting out the same message from my application, a perl program using DBD::ODBC.

[root at devtux1 ~]# isql -v -3 portfoliocenter cam XXXXX
[28000][unixODBC][FreeTDS][SQL Server]Login incorrect.
[08S01][unixODBC][FreeTDS][SQL Server]Read from SQL server failed.
[08001][unixODBC][FreeTDS][SQL Server]Unable to connect to data source
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

In contrast to ...
[root at devtux1 ~]# tsql -H portfoliocenter -p 1433 -U cam -P XXXXX
locale is "en_US.UTF-8"
locale charset is "UTF-8"
1> quit

odbc.ini config:

Driver          = FreeTDS
Description     = Portolio Center Database
Trace           = Yes
Server          = PORTFOLIOCENTER
Port            = 1433
Database        = PortfolioCenter
UID             = cam
PWD             = XXXXX

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Donovan Allen wrote:
> Any help would be appreciated!
Try passing the username and password on the isql command line, see if
that helps

isql -v dsn user password

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