[unixODBC-support] domain login fails in isql but works with tsql

Eric Robinson (erirobin) erirobin at cisco.com
Fri Apr 16 20:49:59 BST 2010

I think I may have found my issue, it appears that the password was
getting cut off at 6 characters, the full password is 8 characters and
the 7th position is a + sign. 

Looks like it caused the password to get truncated and may have caused
all my pain.

                        Environment = 0x508320
                        Handle Type = 2
                        Input Handle = 0x508320
                        Output Handle = 0x508980
                        Connection = 0x508980            
                        Server Name = [MSSQLSRV][length = 8 (SQL_NTS)]

                        User Name = [XXXXX\xxxxxxxx.xxx][length = 18
                        Authentication = [******][length = 6 (SQL_NTS)]
                UNICODE Using encoding ASCII 'ISO8859-1' and UNICODE

                DIAG [42000] [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Login failed for user
''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

                DIAG [S1000] [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Unable to connect to
data source

                        Handle Type = 2
                        Input Handle = 0x508980
                        Handle Type = 1
                        Input Handle = 0x508320

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Eric Robinson (erirobin) wrote:
> I am assuming it is some bug as I could not find any setting or format
> for the -U DOMIAN/UserId that would work with isql.
> I have the trace files and dump files that appear to show it parsing
> domain and userid ok, but it would not connect.
> I used the same exact setup with a Sql Server authenticated userid and
> it worked fine, then I pointed dg4odbc to the same setup and it worked
> for both Sql Server authenticated user and the network user.
> I could very well have an outdated version of isql. 
> I would be glad to send you any addition details (trace files/sql
> logs) I can if you are interested.
Yep, a ODBC driver manager log would be interesting. Its not a big 
issue, but I am wondering what the problem was thats fixed.

All I can think of is older isql used to pass a empty string for user 
name and password if it wasn't passed on the command line.That may be 
the problem here.

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