[unixODBC-support] domain login fails in isql but works with tsql

Eric Robinson (erirobin) erirobin at cisco.com
Thu Apr 15 15:07:23 BST 2010


I don't feel there is any issue with FreeTDS and the connection works 3
different ways(albeit all provided by FreeTDS):

1) Bypassing freetds.conf via tsql and connecting directly to the db
host like this:
	tsql -H <physical db host> -p 1433 -U <domain/userid>
2) Using tsql via the settings in freetds.conf
	tsql -S <freetds.conf entry> -p 1433 -U <domain/userid>
3) Using fisql via the settings in freetds.conf
	fisql -S <freetds.conf entry> -U <domain/userid>

All of which are provided by freetds.

I only get errors when accessing via UNIXodbc manager.

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Eric Robinson (erirobin) wrote:
> Hi, when trying to connect from Linux to MSSQL Server 2005 via isql my

> connection fails using a NT Domain account. 
> Should isql work with a domain account? If so what is the proper

You are best asking that question of the FreeTDS folk.

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