[unixODBC-support] ODBCConfig not loading setup library

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Wed Apr 7 15:33:06 BST 2010

Ludo Brands wrote:
> I'm porting a windows driver to unixodbc. The combined driver-setup 
> library comes with a GUI for ConfigDSN. The library is compiled on 
> Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit).  ODBCConfig on Ubuntu loads the configuration 
> screen correctly when adding or configuring a DSN. When I install the 
> library on Fedora 10 and Suse 11.1 I get a "Could not construct 
> property list for (my driver)". I took a look at the source code for 
> ODBCConfig and figured out that ODBCConfig (callbacks.c) tries to 
> run ConfigDSN from the driver setup library (SQLConfigDataSource.c) 
> and, if that fails, tries to construct a list of properties. I'm not 
> implementing ODBCINSTGetProperties, hence the error message. Question 
> is, why does ODBCConfig fail to load ConfigDSN on Fedora and Suse 
> while running correctly on Ubuntu? 
> Other tests I ran:
I think this is in general one for Peter as we have split ODBCCOnfig 
off, but I would check if there are any extra libs needed that are not 
being found on Fedora and Suse. Its a bit of a mess with the version of 
QT you build against needing to exist. Try using ldd to see if the lib 
loads ok, maybe try using dltest to see if you can load the library and 
call the entry point.


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