[unixODBC-support] Odbc.ini

Tran Hung-Phu-R50825 Hung-phu.Tran at freescale.com
Fri Sep 11 17:22:58 BST 2009

Currently I am having problem with unixODBC truncates the odbc.ini,
To prevent it, I've changed the ini file permission to read-only so that
the Driver Manger won't empty the ini file. I am 
wonder what will happen to the connection if the unixodbc Driver
Manager try to overwrite the ini file and failed.  Will the
connection still exist?  If yes, How about DSN from the ini file? Will
they be available or empty? If no, is there a variable setting such as
ConnectionRetryCount that I can use in .ini file to force retry
to database a couple of times before quit.

Is there any variable/debug setting I can use to dump error message when
it failed?

OS: solaris 10
Database: Mysql 5
UnixODBC: 2.2.14

Thanks for your help.

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