[unixODBC-support] ODBC driver manager PATH

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Mon Oct 19 22:14:05 BST 2009

Steve Cookson wrote:
> Additionally, I've now got ODBCConfig running using
> sudo /usr/bin/ODBCConfig
> <password>
> I enter system DSN and press add:
> Add driver:
> Name: Firebird_Database_Driver
> Description: <same>
> Driver: /usr/lib/odbc/libOdbcFb.so
> Driver64:<null>
> Setup:<null>
> Setup64:<null>
> UsageCount:1
> CPTimeout:<null>
> CPReuse:<null>
> Press:<tick>
> Drops back to select Driver.
> Select: Firebird_Database_Driver<Ok>
> Crashes giving message:
> "ODBCConfig: libltdl/ltdl.c:1178 try_dlopen: Assertion 'filename &&
> *filename' failed."
> I tried looking at the tooltips, but not clear what I should do.

Steve, ODBCConfig will not be able to config a DSN unless its given a
viable 'Setup' library. I am not sure if Firebird has one or if its
embedded in the driver. You can also use a generic one. Unless you need
to be easy (read; you are rolling out unixODBC to desktops and End User
types need to config DSN - then I would recommend just editing the file.
In this case you want to edit the system INI (odbc.ini) and you can get
its location like this;

$ odbcinst -j

You can look to Firebird resources for details on what to put in there
but typically its something like;

Database = MyDb
Server = MyServer
Host = Sometimes Host is used instead of server


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