[unixODBC-support] ODBC driver manager PATH

Steve Cookson steve.cookson at sca-uk.com
Mon Oct 19 19:37:19 BST 2009

Martin J. Evans wrote:
>Your problem seems to have moved on past this now to data source not

It's true.  I've managed to get it installed using the KPackage installer on
Kubuntu.  The issue now is setting up the ODBC driver and the DSN. I've
moved the Firebird ODBC driver as below:

sudo cp libOdbcFb.so /usr/lib/odbc		# Firebird Driver
sudo cp libOdbcFb.so /usr/lib/perl5/DBD		# Firebird Driver

I've also installed:

Unixodbc-bin - 2.2.11-16build3 (Graphical tools for ODBC management and

the same way.

It looks like a GUI ODBC tool, but no idea where it is.  It looks like the
ideal tool for setting up DSNs.  

>To diagnose that we'd need to see odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini file
>contents and a verification that the driver listed in odbcinst.ini exists.

These files are both empty.

Finally is the format of a DSN file the same as Windows?  Can I just copy a
DSN from Windows and edit the filenames/pathnames?

Thanks and regards


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