[unixODBC-support] ODBC driver manager PATH

Steve Cookson steve.cookson at sca-uk.com
Mon Oct 19 12:53:43 BST 2009

Hi Peter,

Thanks for this.  I'm a bit new, well *very* new, to Linux.  Should these be
run from the command prompt?

If so both:
> $ odbcinst -j
> $ odbcinst -q -s
Give "bash: odbinst: command not found".

> You appear to be getting a message back from the unixODBC Driver Manager
> (DM). The message suggests that you are trying to connect (SQLConnect)
> without a DSN or (more likely) the DSN does not exist in the unixODBC
> system/config information.
Ah! It's true.  I forgot about that:}  I'll check it out.  I guess there are
instructions on the unixODBC site but any useful tips would be welcome!!



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