[unixODBC-support] ok from commandline but not from codeblocks

Ken Resander kresander at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 15:19:00 BST 2009

Sorry, I was unclear.

This is a new problem, I think.

The previous problem caused 'can't find Oracle driver lib so file' error when running the program (developed on codeblocks) from the commandline and when running it from the codeblocks IDE. I used strace and figured out the ORACLE_HOME was wrong. When I changed ORACLE_HOME the same program as before connected to Oracle OK from the command line, but gave 'can't find Oracle driver lib so file' error when run from within codeblocks. I expected it to work from codeblocks too. 

My theory is that codeblocks changes/disturbs the env environment or does not expose the same environment as when the program is run from the commandline, but I cannot think of what to do to demonstrate this. I was hoping you might have seen this kind of problem before and point me in the right direction.


You wrote

> I am unsure from your email if you have solved the problem and are listing a new
> problem, or if its the problem you have solved.

> -- Nick 

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