[unixODBC-support] PHP Won't Use unixODBC

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Mon May 4 22:36:02 BST 2009

Jason Maitlen wrote:
> Our Linux admin virtualized a server (moved it from its physical home to VMWare) and now PHP scripts that use unixODBC no longer work properly. I can remotely connect to the server and run isql to query any of the DSNs or I can run the PHP script from the command line successfully, but through the browser (Apache) I get the following error: 
> [unixODBC][Cache ODBC][State : 08S01][Native Code 461]
> [libcacheodbcu.so]
> Communication link failure
> This error indicates to me two things, it acknowledges the DSN exists and that it's pointing to the right driver. Ideas?
> Jason Maitlen
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Normally if it works from the command lie but not in Apache its either 
missing a lib path, or permissions, or missing env variables. Try 
running apache on the command line as root as httpd -X and see if that 

Try using ldd on the driver lib tro see if its dependent on any other libs.


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