[unixODBC-support] Conflicting types betweenpostgres andunixodbc

Raul Orduna rorduna at tracasa.es
Fri Mar 27 10:03:52 GMT 2009

>I see that I have files of versions 2.2.14 (introduced by me) and files of version 2.2.11 (probably with the OS). How can I know the version used for odbc.ini... etc
Well, the version of the lib libodbc.so is determined by your 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, if you want to keep your system clean, then you could 
just build postgres against the development packages for your system 2.2.11

Sorry about the mess. The only files of version 2.2.11 are for documentation. I confirm 2.2.14 is the only libodbc.so installed. (But I don't see an environment variable called LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

>How can clean my system?? And wich must I choose??
Depends what you want. If the packages were installed by a package 
manager, uninstall the old one and keep the new. I can't tell you how to 
manage your system.

Correct, I would say how resolve the possible conflicts, but it seems it isn't necessary with only one installation. :)

>Adding to that I do not control the options of prosgresql. If I used with_unixodbc wich files are replaced??
I don;t understand this, sorry.

>Sorry, but I am desperate
Ok, go back a step, what is your goal?

I have a dump of postgress data I must migrate to Oracle (a really complex project...really). The process must be iterative and repeatedly.

For this objective I want to access from oracle to postgresql via heterogeneous services and odbc. This integration, theoretically simple, cause problems in both sides.

The oracle part was consulted in support of oracle, but at this time there is not solution and they want to open a new bug.

The odbc-postgres part runs independiently but not in conjunction with dg4odbc. It seems in your system this communication is ok. (SQLGetInfo fails...)

I have freedom in choose odbc and postgresql(I have the data only) versions, but not oracle. I'm not an expert in odbc, neither postgresql and I don't know the interactions between drivers if conflicts arisen.

Wich is the ideal environment and versions for this objective?

Thank you very much.


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