[unixODBC-support] Can not get ODBC to log from other Database

Raul Orduna rorduna at tracasa.es
Wed Mar 25 08:14:03 GMT 2009

Sorry about this,

I made a request some days ago and I have not received response or confirmation. I have seen other request and responses and I think there was any problem with communications.

Could you confirm the reception or resend any response??


The original message was:
I am trying to get the ODBC driver error from the trace file, but it is not created. When I use isql the trace and file are generated, but when I use a database link from oracle to postgresql through ODBC (dg4odbc gateway) the unixodbc returns an error but the file is not created. I need the logs to study the real problem.


Now the only thing I know is:

"[unixODBC]Unrecognized key passed to SQLGetInfo."


How could I to write in logs from Oracle??


NOTE: The conection from isql to the postgreSQL machine runs and the dg4odbc usage too but separately (tnsping proved)


Thank you very much,


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