[unixODBC-support] SUN's JDBC-ODBC Bridge and unixODBC

Andy Warner andy at klemata.com
Tue Mar 24 17:01:51 GMT 2009

I found a couple things. First, I added an extra semi-colon to the end 
of my password and the connection was successfully made. So, it does 
seem not terminating the connection string with a semi-colon causes 
failure. Secondly, as least using base, if I pass in anything other than 
the dsn in the jdbc bridge's connection string, it fails before getting 
to driver connect.

So, at least now I have a way to connect. Just have to add an extra 
semi-colon to the last attribute in the con string.

Thanks for your help!


Nick Gorham wrote:
> Andy Warner wrote:
>> Nick,
>> Thanks for your help. strace revealed that the jdbc bridge was 
>> looking for libodbcins.so but I had no /usr/lib/libodbcins.so link, 
>> only had libodbcins.so1 and libodbcins.so.1.0.1. I am not sure why as 
>> as far as I know this was a standard install for CentOS5.2 from the 
>> rpm package. Could this be missing from the install?
>> I added a link for libodbcins.so and now it will communicate with the 
>> unixODBC driver. However, when the SQLDriverConnect function is 
>> called it fails. The unixODBC driver never calls my odbc driver 
>> function. So, it seems to be failing within unixodbc before it calls 
>> my function (The error message is simply "General Error").
>> I logged the failed call to SQLDriverConnect and then used Base to 
>> make a direct odbc connection (eliminating the bridge) with the same 
>> DNS. The latter succeeded. I compared the two log entries (which I 
>> included below) and found one thing that seems to stand out. In the 
>> failed call to SQLDriverConnect they do not seem to terminate the PWD 
>> attribute with a semi-colon. In the one that succeeds, it is 
>> terminated with a semi-colon. Do you believe this would cause the 
>> unixODBC SQLDriverConnect function to fail?
> I wouldn't have thought so, but could be wrong. Should be easy enough 
> to test.
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