[unixODBC-support] SUN's JDBC-ODBC Bridge and unixODBC

Andy Warner andy at klemata.com
Mon Mar 23 22:08:07 GMT 2009


I am attempting to use SUN's JDBC-ODBC bridge to connect to an odbc data 
source (CentOS 5.2 and most recent unixODBC). The odbc data source works 
fine using isql, the DataManager, and OpenOffice Base. When I attempt to 
access the odbc data source through the jdbc bridge I get a java error 
that makes me think the jdbc bridge is not "finding" the unixODBC odbc 
libraries (a null pointer exception during the initialization call). I 
have both unixODBC and the odbc data source logging, and neither creates 
their log files. So, I do not believe they are getting called. Using 
OpenOffice Base, I was able to test and verify that the jdbc bridge 
driver is being loaded.

Does anyone have any experience using this bridge with unixODBC? Is 
there any special configuration that is needed (such as passing the odbc 
driver library path as a connection argument) to link the jdbc bridge 
with the unixODBC odbc libs? I realize that sun's jdbc bridge is very 
sub-par, but unfortunately I am stuck with it for a demo project (for 
now at least).

Andy help would be greatly appreciated,

Andy Warner
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