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Edward Berwick eberwick at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 11:31:49 GMT 2009

Hi Nick,

OK this is starting to make sense.

the CMC and BO Server is running on a 32 bit machine.

however the datbase with my reporting information (portland as per odbc.ini)
is on a 64 bit machine. Which begs the questions is it a 64bit or 32 bit
driver I need to install?

i'll give that

CC="xlc -q64"
export CC

a go.

Cheers, Ed

PS : Oh for Windows environment, I take it all back (surrounded by Unix
afficionados, so have to keep this on the low)!

2009/1/19 Nick Gorham <nick at lurcher.org>

> w.h wrote:
>  I was intended to install the unixodbc on my AIX 5.3 for the ORACLE 9i,but
>> after i downloading the ORACLE driver of unixodbc from easysoft  it
>> gave me the following errors:
>> [01000][unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib
>> '/usr/local/easysoft/oracle/libesoracle.a' :    0509-022 Cannot load
>> module
>> /usr/local/easysoft/oracle/libesoracle.a.
>>       0509-103   The module has an invalid magic number.
>> My unixodbc version is 2.2.14 which had successfully installed ,and the
>> driver is :
>> odbc-oracle-3.2.17-aix50+-ppc64-ul64.
>> There's a case that the lib and the driver in the path
>> '/usr/local/easysoft/oracle/' is libesoracle.a not libesoracle.so,
>> i don't does it ok ?Any friend have ideas,do help me !
> I just had a look at this, you will ge tthat error if you have built
> unixODBC as 32 bit, and are tring to load a 64 bit driver. As you have
> installed a 64 bit driver, I assume you have built unixODBC 32 bit. It will
> build this way if thats the default CC setting on your machine. We build 64
> by setting
> CC="xlc -q64"
> export CC
> Before running the unixODBC ./configure
> --
> Nick
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