[unixODBC-support] SQLDescibeCol returns uninitialized values

Sprenker Ludger ludger.sprenker at d-velop.de
Fri Dec 18 08:15:59 GMT 2009

Ok, then it seems that I have to contact the informix folk. Thanks a lot Nick!

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Nick Gorham wrote:
> Sprenker Ludger wrote:
>> Hello Nick,
>> I have not asked the informix folk yet. I think that the informix 
>> client is likely acting the same way on linux as on windows. It is 
>> surely the wrong way but as we have not noticed this behavior with 
>> informix+odbc on windows, the windows driver manager probably takes 
>> care of this ... 
> I will check with one of our drivers and see if the windows DM does do 
> this, though there is the added complexity on windows that it goes in 
> and out of unicode between the app and the driver that may produce the 
> behavior you see.
Well, for the small sample of one versionm of the MS driver manager, it 
seems that they don't set the length to zero or put a NULL in the 
string. I broke one of our drivers to not touch the column name or 
length values, and as I expected the length after the call was still as 
it was before, and the string had been changed (I suspect because of 
going into and out of UNICODE) but it certainly wasn't NULL terminated.

So from that I can only presume that the Informix driver is doing 
something different on windows and non windows.

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