[unixODBC-support] freetds 0.82 and unixODBC 2.2.14 on shared linux host

Robert Kenyon rob at digsoldev.net
Wed Apr 29 04:21:18 BST 2009

I am attempting to get freetds and unixodbc to play nice in a shared hosting
environment.  I've been through just about everything I can find and it
appears that everyone but me is not using a --prefix on the configure
command to put it in a "non-standard" directory.
Based on the instructions I've found, I need to install unixodbc-2.2.14

So, I:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/local/unixodbc --enable-gui=no

This configures and then makes and installs without excitement.

Then I attempt to install freetds-0.82:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/local/freetds
--with-unixodbc=$HOME/local/unixodbc --with-tdsver=8.0

And no matter how much I try to change things up - I still get a configure:
error: sql.h not found.

I've attempted adding /include to the --with-unixodbc clause, and removing
unixodbc (as some instructions omit)

Is there a conflict between these versions?

(The only sql.h I can find are in $HOME/local/unixodbc/include so I think
I'm doing the right thing)

I can successfully install freetds and connect to my server with tsql, but
without the unixodbc option I don't believe I will have an ODBC driver for

I'd appreciate any help anyone has.


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