[unixODBC-support] Errors with integration between Oracle and PostgreSQL, changing machines

Raul Orduna rorduna at tracasa.es
Fri Apr 17 10:06:06 BST 2009

But I don't understand. Each connection (old and news) needs a dg4odbc gateway that is virtually the same except the SID and name (file is copied and edited).

The same operation of "copy and edit" was made over listener.ora and tnsnames.ora (tnsping runs!).

The former connection runs fine, but the others fail. (and the ODBCINI is the same).

I will try with Oracle... sight


Looks to me as if whatever driver you are using is failing to find the 
ini file, try setting ODBCINI=/path/to/odbc.ini in the oracle conmfig 
file where the env is set.

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